Free Pop-Up Box Card Template

Hi everyone! Pop up box cards seem quite a trend right now, and of course I could not resist making one myself! And since I was at it, I thought I would prepare a template to share with you for free, so that you can also have fun creating your own pop-up boxes! Here it is!

I also prepared some downloadable files, one is sized to fit a US letter sized paper sheet, the other one is sized to DIN A4. If you want to print them, make sure your printer is set to borderless print, so that the measurements on the printed sheet will stay true to those of the template. You can click on the button below to download the template bundle!

I really hope you will find this useful, and I would love if you showed me the projects you make, should you use this template. Please, do not upload/share my files and the image above anywhere else, but link back to this post or to
And if you want to see what I made using this template, you can check out this blog post!
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