I hate Mondays...

....don't you?

What I'd look like in the mornings if I was a guy

Fortunately this will be a short week, since Friday is a holiday here...fortunately indeed considering that it started with no hot water in the house, me missing the bus and forgetting my lunch at home! -.-'
Why can't Mondays be Sundays?! :'(


...e voi?

Per fortuna questa sara' una settimana breve, venerdi' prossimo qui e' vacanza...per fortuna sul serio, considerando che la settimana e' iniziata senza acqua calda in casa e con un autobus perso (al freddo e al gelo) e il pranzo dimenticato a casa! -.-'
Perche' non si possono avere due domeniche?! :'(

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  1. If mondays would be sundays, you'd have to work on weekends!! :-/


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